Bonuses for running an ad . . .

Premium Business Listing

As part of our value-added services, we have a local business directory in your area that we will gladly provide you with a complimentary premium listing for a 6 month period. this is a great feature that allows your business to show up at the top of our visitors’ searches driving more business your way. It also provides valuable search engine optimization features for your benefit as well. Your search engines will benefit from both the backlinks that we provide as well as the address-verified, google-friendly citation we provide.

This site will also be advertised on all future coupon cards getting you even more attention over time. 

FREE Google Advertising

We are a member of Google Partners and we can offer you a $100 Google adwords certificate just for purchasing ad space on one of our cards.

The way it works is that we send you the certificate directly from Google. Per Google’s rules, you must spend $25 and they will give you an additional $100 credit. You may use these to get clicks from Google searches in your area. If you can target keywords that are very specific to your business, those paid clicks can last for quite a while and garner a lot of clicks. That could likely send you as much business as your coupon does.

We understand that not everyone is well versed in setting up Google Adwords. We can help there too. For a small setup fee, we can set up your adwords campaign so that it optimizes the credit you have – getting you the most bang for your buck. Once we have your campaign optimized, you likely will want to keep using Google adwords every month as you will be surprised by the amount of business it can send your way. We can let you take it after the first setup, or you can pay a small maintenance fee for us to monitor and continue optimizing your campaigns. 

Coupon Site Listing

Similar to our business directory site, we also have a local coupon site that we will give you a premium listing on. You tell us what coupon you want to run on the site (it can be different from what we printed) and let us know how long to run it (up to 90 days) and we’ll get you set right up. You will want to be on this site – now and in the future. Now that is added value!

This site will also be advertised on all future coupon cards getting you even more attention over time. 

Bulk Discounts

If you love the idea of sending out your offer to local consumers as much as we do, you will want to be in front of them every time we print a card.

When signing up to run your ad, ask your regional sales manager about getting a discount for running an ad on more than one card. There may be more than one card being printed in your area – we send them out in batches of 5000 or you can run on the same card in the same geographic region multiple times. We know you are going to love the response you get so get on board for multiple printings and save big time!

Press Releases

Want MORE free advertising? Of course you do. Every time we print a new coupon card in your area, we will put out a press release promoting your business and your offer, as well as your website (if you have one).

Press releases have been known to generate a lot of traffic for customers and they can be very expensive to run. We have absorbed that cost for you so we can send them out on your behalf.

Press releases also tend to get picked up by syndication services that will republish the release on their sites creating backlinks for your website. Backlinks are the magic “juice” for search engine optimization. This is a HUGE value we have added – at no cost to you.