About The Card

girl-holding-card2So much emphasis is put on social media, getting emails, building a list, sending newsletters, status updates, tweets, etc. It goes on and on and on. The fact is – these things can work, but you have to build a brand and develop some market awareness before those things work well for you. We have a solution to building your brand awareness and growing your customer base QUICKLY.


Cut My Coupon is an innovative marketing method. Our method is simple on the outside: we send out HUGE 9″ by 12″ postcards to demographically targeted homes in your area. We provide the ad space for you on our card and you watch the customers roll in! We have worked out special pricing with the USPS to get these coupons to your customers MUCH cheaper than if you paid to do a standard address-based mailing.

In technical terms, what we do is called “shared-mail marketing”, but that just doesn’t do it justice. There are other direct mail companies out there, but it will cost you an arm and a leg to send out a small postcard that is easy for your customers to just shuffle into the junk and go in the trash. Our coupon sheets stick out like a sore thumb! They are huge and they are really well-designed to catch their eye. They really can’t be missed. Conversion rates on our ads blow other direct mailers out of the water.

Your Other Options:

Many of you are probably familiar with that certain company that send out the blue envelopes packed with coupons. That looks like a great thing, but they pack it with tons of national ads that few people care about (how many check order forms can they fit in there?). It’s simply not efficient for most people to spend the time in there looking for the really good deals. It’s pretty well documented that conversion rates (sales) from this advertising method is pretty weak – usually less than 1%. It’s not uncommon for some of our ads to pull in greater than 5% – that makes for a HUGE return on investment because we don’t ask you to sign a long pricey contract – although you can to save big money.

Also, our card is only going to have a dozen or so ads on it so you have less competition and you are right there for them to see. You don’t have to worry if you ad will be seen – if it will be lost in the shuffle of all the other boring coupon sheets. Our customers see the huge card sticking up in their box, bring it in the house, clip your coupon off the card and come straight to you! While our routes are mainly highly-targeted residential deliveries, we also include many businesses in our mailing routes which could expose you to entire offices of people. This will get lots of eyes on your ad!

Don’t forget the bonuses! We have tons of value-added features to sweeten the deal even more. If you are ready to find out more about what we have to offer, check out our BONUSES PAGE

If you have already seen enough, and you are ready to get started, check out our map to see what areas we are currently servicing. If you don’t see your area on our map, contact us immediately and we’ll work with you to get started in your area. We are growing quickly so just let us know that you want on the card!