Why Valpak (and similar campaigns) doesn’t work

Shared mail services like Valpak have been around a long time – and for many they have been successful . . . in the past. Valpak has become their own worst enemy (with a little help from the internet). People have become desensitized by the drab and valueless coupons that largely populate the Valpak envelopes. They are packed largely with ads for large national chains, and boring ads that people rarely ever use – like ordering checks. This has drawn people into the habit of just tossing the entire coupon pack in the trash WITHOUT EVEN OPENING IT!

Studies show that, shared mail marketing typically only results in about 1/10th of 1% or .001. Valpak is no different. Let’s do some math . . .

If you send out 10,000 coupons via Valpak, your average sale is $30, and your cost was $350 to run this campaign.

10,000 x .001 = 10 sales

10 sales x $30 = $300

There’s no need to calculate any return on investment because this conversion rate proves a LOSS. On top of a poor return, your Valpak representative may try to convince you that you need to commit to several months of mailings to “build your brand.” While there is some validity to this statement, the truth is that if Valpak believed you were going to be successful, they wouldn’t have to get a long-term commitment from you. They would show you success and earn your business!

Cut My Coupon is a much different service.

Cut My Coupon campaigns WORK because:

  • They are delivered on a HUGE postcard that is usually the biggest thing in the mailbox.
  • Your ad is on the OUTSIDE of the mailer so your ads are seen right away.
  • You are competing against fewer other ads. We only average about 6-7 ads per side.
  • We never require a long-term deals,. We will earn your repeat business, but bulk discounts are available if you are interested.
  • We design real eye-catching ads that demand the consumer’s attention.
  • Our ads are local deals only – no large corporations. We want to help small businesses grow.
  • Our ads convert at a MUCH HIGHER rate because of the design and delivery method.

Contact your local sales rep today, or contact Cut My Coupon to get started in your area today.

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